This collection was informed by a series of questions, starting with “Who are we, and why”. Further research found that our personalities are constantly developing as a reaction to our surroundings. Pressures from outside sources, like our parents, our peers, and crucial events in our lives.  All of these pressures shape us, and leave traces of trauma or impact on our personalities, with intention or without.
A contusion is a region of injured tissue or skin in which blood capillaries have ruptured, most often caused by force or impact. This idea of impact causing a change on the body tied in with the question of what shapes us, as it made sense to turn the emotional impact of our lives into the physical impacts we have experienced.Inspiration was taken from images of burns, bruises, scars, and scabs, but for Contusion, it needed to be more cerebral. Blue is often seen as an emotional color, which fit into the idea of internal building, but it is also one of the colors seen most often in day to day life.
Fabric choices were made based off this idea of common and mundane, with basic cottons and denims making up the bulk of Contusions pieces. The denims are cut up, bleached, sewn back together, and ripped apart again as a way to not just mark up and scar their surface, but as a way to elevate and individualize each piece.  This collection aims to transform the concept of the scarring, marking, and molding of the personality into an abstracted visual, textural, and fashion forward experience.

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